20140430-204343.jpg 20140430-204515.jpg 20140430-204542.jpg 20140430-204559.jpg 20140430-204619.jpg 20140430-204631.jpg 20140430-204642.jpg 20140430-204649.jpg 20140430-204710.jpg 20140430-204726.jpg 20140430-204738.jpg 20140430-204757.jpg 20140430-204812.jpg 20140430-204824.jpg 20140430-204841.jpg 20140430-204900.jpg 20140430-204913.jpg 20140430-204931.jpg       I was lucky enough to get to do some travelling at Easter time. I went to Atlanta for a cousin's wedding with all my uncles and another cousin (have I ever mentioned that my family is full of men?), followed by a short weekend in Miami, and then to Tobago for the Tobago Jazz Experience (see...cities, islands). When I think about it, it was the perfect vacay: a lil family, a lil shopping, a lil spa, a lil John Legend, and a whole lot of rest and relaxation. Tobago in particular was a mini movie. My oldest friend Hannah and I stayed in Speyside in the North of Tobago (read: far) where neither of us had ever been before at the Blue Waters Inn. But it was beyond perfect with it's own calm beautiful bay, kayaking and snorkeling. More on Blue Waters in an upcoming post. When we weren't in Speyside, we were at a beautiful villa built around a former sugar mill, getting laughed at for staying in Speyside (I won't call names....*cough* Rianna *cough*) and celebrating my Taurus friends' birthdays (Hey Bobbie! Hey Sean! Hey Bumpy!) The last two weeks couldn't imaginably have been more perfect. Stay tuned for more pics from my Speyside adventures!

Why Instagram is making the leaked celeb image obsolete (NSFW)

Cause of Rihanna basically. Here's @badgalriri thanking Miuccia Prada for her latest gift of sexy S&M thigh high garter belted boots (yes, they exist).


And here's John Legend's fiancée Chrissy Teigen (who is amazing and hilarious btw and if you don't follow her you should go NOW and follow her on Twitter, Instagram and her blog having someone spray her down (with water, oil, self tanner? This is my brother's DREAM JOB btw. Every time I am involved in a fashion show he asks if I need extra "oilers" backstage.) in what I can only presume is preparation for a photoshoot.


Now we've all seen Rihanna naked so many times that it's no longer headline news. Now it's more about her new creative ways to be naked. But fully naked Chrissy shocked me a little, and yet didn't shock me at all (she's a friend in my head so I feel like I know her).

As a human when I see pics like this my first instinct is always to judge. But as Kathryn, my second instinct is always, "Damn I wish I could do that." Lol. Yes full on envy and not of these ladies' amazing bodies either.

I think Rihanna herself said in a recent interview, "I'm posting pictures of myself ... To tell the truth about myself. I've got so much to think about, why bring all this extra shit by being dishonest?"

Social media has let us into celebrities' lives in ways that no one could ever have conceived even 10 years ago and I think it's refreshing to see an honest representation, even if it's a little crazy ... or naked.

So, if you had an amazing body, a kajillion dollars and could never be fired would you be on Instagram naked too? I sure know I