THE Brown Cotton IRIS Photoshoot - Behind the Scenes

_MG_6094 _MG_6095 _MG_6098 _MG_6100 _MG_6109 _MG_6104 _MG_6110 _MG_6112 _MG_6114 _MG_6113 _MG_6124 _MG_6134 _MG_6122 _MG_6139 _MG_6166 _MG_6144 _MG_6165 _MG_6154 _MG_6151 _MG_6167 _MG_6172 _MG_6175 _MG_6184_MG_6186 So by now if you're my Facebook or Instagram friend, you will have seen the photoshoot I worked on with Risanne Martin of Brown Cotton, because we literally social media spammed people with the images for a week or more. (If you haven't seen the pics yet, they're coming up in the next post).

What I want to highlight in this post is the behind the scenes amazingness that went on with this shoot. I don't even know if I think that the final images truly illustrate the synergy that went  on on set. Everyone present was truly invested in creating great results, from photographer, to Risanne's wonderful and supportive team of friends that she brought to assist us.

Risanne has an energy as well that is perfect for a production set of any nature. She easily diffuses tensions, makes sure that everyone is on equal footing and she FEEDS YOU!!!! A LOT! WITH WINE! I would be blessed if every shoot I worked on in Trinidad could be as professional and well organized as the one I did with her team.

Special mention also goes out to Ms. Kimi See Tai who literally had just come from a party and really was a trouper all day long. Thank you so much Kimi for making this shoot as beautiful as it was.

Photography: Kyle Walcott


Designer: Brown Cotton by Risanne Martin

Photography: Justin Ifill-Forbes

Stylist: Kathryn Nurse

Makeup: Arry Cruickshank

Hair: Kimbalene Blackman

Nail Art: Solange Richardson

All Jewelry by Rachel Rochford Jewelry

Flower Crowns: Sasha Ann Clement



Adrian Foster at #NYFW

Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 6.16.03 PM Yesterday was the official beginning of New York Fashion Week S/S 2015. This week's fashion week roster contains some familiar names that we need to look out for.

I just left New York on Tuesday, but I really wish I could have stayed to see Adrian Foster show his new collection on Sunday 7th September as part of the 9th Fashion Gallery NYFW event at the Helen Mills Event Space in Chelsea. This showcase is really focused on giving young designers exposure and that includes our local talent as well. The FOMO is real people.

And just because he's presenting in the Big Apple, doesn't mean he's forgotten his Caribbean influences. The inspirations for this collection, come from Caribbean architecture, specifically raw concrete surfaces, whitewashed walls, and the way light travels through louvres and fretwork. Adrian is one of my favourite young designers because he is really exploring how pieces can be uniquely Caribbean but still function in foreign countries.

I could only get my hands on one teaser image from the collection (courtesy the designer's Instagram page) and am already mentally putting in my order for those striped wide leg pants.

I can't wait to see the images and I hope that anyone who's interested in moving Caribbean fashion forward  heads over to Chelsea to see this show at 8 pm on Sunday. Local designers Charu Lochan Dass and Delia Alleyne are also participating in this showcase so be sure to check them out as well!


IMG_6995 IMG_6996 IMG_7001 IMG_7002 IMG_7005 IMG_7010 IMG_7013 IMG_6979 IMG_6993 Took a couple of pics before I headed to participate in Runway Shift, in which three local designers, Adrian Foster, Lisa See Tai and Megan Charles won the opportunity to sell their pieces in boutique, Simply Runway. Retail is my specific focus in the fashion industry so I was excited to see it being paid more attention to in Trinidad as well. The designers really had to consider the commercial viability of their looks, the price point they would sell them at, and the reproducibility (not a word) of their items, if they won, and in my opinion these are factors that aren't considered enough when designers go from runway to retail. See pictures of all the designers looks, and the fashion show in the event gallery here.

I was also in the show modeling Lisa See Tai's collection. See me below with the designer trying to blend in and look like one of the other gorgeous models she had showcasing her looks. And below see one of my favourite looks that I got to sport on the runway. Lisa's collection blended an easy island-sporty vibe and I immediately gravitated to the raglan-esque sleeves and stripes that made a simple shift dress extremely cool.

10268510_291394277690051_3656494494983061821_n 1797608_291394204356725_7288018967727161368_n 10155393_292099070952905_5536220883480221597_n

 Photography:Kyle Walcott

Other images courtesy Runway Shift and Gareth Leigh

Shirt: Zara, Shorts: Nastygal, Bag: Fossil, Shoes: Zara (similar here), Necklaces: H & M and the cANYAval shop, Sunglasses: Nastygal

The A's Have It

I'm really excited to see young designers in Trinidad, stepping up and producing work and marketing material that's really on an international level. I really want to highlight two of these, Aisling Camps and Adrian Foster, who both released really impressive lookbooks last week of their recent collections. I think it's Aisling's engineering background that lends itself naturally to her focus, precision and technical skill when it comes to knitwear (if you don't believe me check out her behind the scenes pics of her graphs on her Facebook page. GRAPHS.). The result is an undeniably beautiful collection of knit dresses, tops and skirts in soft neutrals, that can be worn forever. Aisling's growing brand is attracting a lot of welcome attention.

Color blocked pullover, cotton polyester monofilament

Aisling's label

Double strap tank & pencil skirt 100% linen w polyester monofilament details

Cropped top w cutout detail Cotton, polyester monofilament

Double Strap Tank 100% linen

Open back tunic 60% viscose 40% Nylon

Price information available on the Aisling Facebook page. Photos courtesy Aisling. Photography: Donald Michael Chambers.

Just in time for Carnival, Adrian Foster, a graduate of the Caribbean Academy for Fashion and Design, just released the lookbook for his new collection Shadows. I'm in love with the monochromatic imagery, chic minimalist fashion (something that we don't easily achieve in the Caribbean generally) and most importantly, clear prices and ordering information!!


Black Linen Shirt Dress




More information available on the AF Adrian Foster Facebook Page. Pictures courtesy AF Adrian Foster. Photography: Marlon James.