Mistress of My Domain: 100 Posts

IMG_5149 IMG_5162 (1) IMG_5168 (1) IMG_5181 IMG_5199 IMG_5202 IMG_5207 IMG_5215 (1) IMG_5218 (1)IMG_5225 (1) This is officially my 100th post on what once was http://whirldwind.wordpress.com and is now, officially, www.citiesandislands.com (for those who have wondered, I do in fact know how to spell whirlwind btw. The original URL was a cheeky play on a common Trini malapropism.)

Anyway I've been super grateful and excited about the positive feedback both Kyle and I have been getting on the site so far and I'm excited for the opportunities that the blog is starting to offer us. We were getting to a point where I think it could only benefit us to formalize things a little bit, so that we can continue on the path that we're going on.

We felt like we should do something celebratory and experimental to mark the milestone, and so we went to Movietowne's Green Park, the newest addition to which is the Enchanted Carousel to try and take some long exposure photos with the carousel (orrr merry-go-round as I grew up knowing it).

Seeing all the parents with young kids, and teenagers with their first puppy love crushes gathering around the carousel on a pretty Saturday night was heartwarming. It reminded me of the simple experiences we had growing up, going to Kay Donna drive in or even going by ourselves to Pizza Hut after a football match and mulling over Cheesy or Cinnamon breadsticks. It was nice to see that in a country that is changing so quickly (and not always for the better), there are still wholesome and warm spaces for our young people and families to go to. It's kind of why the last picture in this post is my personal fave :)

Photography: Kyle Walcott

Special thanks to Ryan Lee

Gold Ribbon Knit Sweater - H&M. Leggings (worn as pants *shame*) - Zara. Heels - Zara (similar here).