Truck on D (Side of D) Road

IMG_3477-2 IMG_3479 IMG_3481 IMG_3484 IMG_3486 IMG_3489 IMG_3491 IMG_3495 IMG_3504 IMG_3509 IMG_3518 IMG_3522 IMG_3526 IMG_3527 IMG_3532 So there are two empty trailer trucks parked on the side of the Diego Martin Highway and I was super excited to shoot in them. Why? I see these trucks as a metaphor for my current Carnival situation. For those who don't know, the trailer truck is really the heart of contemporary Trinidad Carnival. As controversial as the number of trucks on the road during Carnival Monday and Tuesday is (they cause massive congestion in our narrow streets), the speaker boxes that they carry and the music that they pump is really what gives you the drive to walk, chip, wine, dance throughout the streets of Port of Spain every year and not wonder ... what the hell am I really doing? These trucks ARE Carnival.

But these two lonely music trucks are so removed from the action currently. Don't get me wrong. Dey READY. Their painted and primed up and all they need is to be hooked up to a truck, speakers'd up and banners'd out, and they ready to go. But they're not there yet.

This is how I feel right now. I do feel deep down that Carnival is a huge part of me as I am of it, but as of today, Carnival Wednesday, I feel like it is happening without me. I am not ready. My costume is not complete (thought it WILL be). I've been to like a fete and a half for the season. And because of my current job I feel completely removed from the building hubbub of Carnival that continues around me.

All that ends tomorrow though...


Photography: Kyle Walcott

Tank: Express (old). Pants: River Island. Wedges: Qupid (similar here). Sunglasses: Nastygal. Lace Bra: Calzedonia.

My Wildest Dreams Realized

On Thursday October 25th I got to be a fashion designer.You should have seen me! Consulting my mood boards. Matching my colours to a Pantone Chart. Consulting magazines for inspiration. Pinning and draping muslins to my dress form.

Of course it was all completely fake. The school requested that the Master's students pose as design students for a photo shoot for next year's brochure. We had a ball pretending to be the creatives for once. Enjoy some of the behind the scenes pics below!


UPDATE: Participation Pays Off! We kept joking during the photoshoot that we would send the school our invoices for modelling services rendered. What we got as reward for our help was even better (imo).

Invitations to the Private Opening of the Mario Testino Exhibit, "Private View" here in Shanghai on Friday night! AHHH! I have been wanting to go to this show for weeks and now I have an invite to the opening event. Of course it's at the end of another loooonngg school day (2 3 hour classes, 2 hour E-Commerce seminar THEN the opening) but I don't care. SO EXCITED!